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NCC Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology (L5DBIT)

  /  NCC Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology (L5DBIT)


NCC Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology (L5DBIT)

Candidates must pass all eight units to be awarded with the
Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology certificate from NCC Education.

Dynamic Websites Business IT Project Business IT Project Database Design
and Development
Principles of
Systems and
Professional Issues in IT (15 Credits)
Dynamic Websites (15 Credits)
Business IT Project (15 Credits)
Office Solutions Development (15 Credits)
Information Systems Analysis (15 Credits)
Database Design and Development (15 Credits)
Principles of Business Operations (15 Credits)
Information Systems and Organisations (15 Credits)
Programme Fees 4,175,000 MMK
Exam Fees 580 USD (exclude resit and transfer fees)
Additional Payment
Oversea Excursion Trip USD 400 ~ 500 ! ညီမ)ေသာ ြမန်မာေငွ
Fees for the Second Year
NCC Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Business Management 0ပီးဆံ5းပါက NCC Education !ချိတ်ဆက်ထားေသာ
က5 ကကကက!5 IELTS Result ! ိ5 !ိ5က ရB”ိထားေသာ Grade များအေပC
မDတည်0ပီး တက်ေရာက်ရသည့်!”စ်များ တကE သိ5လ်များကွဲြပား!ိ5င်ပါသည်
1. Professional Issues in IT

This module highlights the professional issues that impact on the development, deployment, maintenance and use of computer systems. This unit will equip students with the knowledge surrounding social, ethical and legal issues applicable to the IT field and also a working understanding of software quality.

2. Dynamic Websites

This module builds on existing knowledge of both databases and web design in order to build dynamic websites and also equip with a range of skills to present content on the World Wide Web.

3. Business IT Project

This module gives the opportunity to gain practical experience in developing a system solution to an open-ended problem derived from the real world.

4. Principles of Business Operations

This module is designed to help appreciate and understand business operations in both the manufacturing and services sectors. The unit will cover the basic principles of operations within a global context from three key perspectives: understanding operations, designing operations and managing operations.

5. Information Systems and Organisations

This module introduces the subject of information systems and technology in organisations, taking a broad perspective on how it can be managed effectively within the organisational context. Students will be able to demonstrate an appreciation of the role of information systems in modern organisations, including the management of social and cultural aspects that are important to successful adoption of technology.

6. Office Solutions Development

This module provides the skills to develop advanced features of office software and to employ and adapt them to support business functions.

7. Information Systems Analysis

This module equips students with a range of tools in order to analyse the function and requirements of information systems, as well as the skills to compare systems analysis models, and to examine them in the wider context of the Internet and the social, economic and political climate of an organisation.

8. Database Design and Development

This module allows students to develop your skills in the design and development of databases and database management systems, as well as investigating enterprise applications of databases.

NCC DBIT ပြီးဆုံးသွားပါက ဘွဲ့ရသည်အထိ ကုန်ကျစရိတ် သက်သာစွာဖြင့် ဆက်လက်တက်ရောက်နိုင်မည့် နိုင်ငံတကာအသိအမှတ်ပြု တက္ကသိုလ်များ
– Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
– London Metropolitan University, UK
– Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
– Middlesex University, UK
– Nottingham Trent University, UK
– Northumbria University, UK
– University of Central Lancashire, UK
– University of Greenwich, UK
– The University of Northampton, UK
– University of Worcester, UK
– University of the West of England, UK
– CQ University Australia, Australia
– Deakin University, Australia
– Southern Cross University, Australia
Application and Admission Requirements

BA (Hons) Business & Management (Top-Up) Programme

Qualifications Applications and Admission Requirements
First Year – Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business High School or IGCSE Graduates IELTS Score >= 5.5
Second Year – HND Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business Minimum 6 Subjects Level 4 HNC in Business
BA (Hons) Business & Management (Top-up) Programme NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Business English Score >= 60 (OR) IELTS Score >= 6.0

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Qualifications Applications and Admission Requirements
Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology High School or IGCSE Graduates IELTS Score >= 5.5
Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology (RQF) (L4DBIT) IELTS Score >= 5.5